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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Saturday Morning Walkers - September 18, 2006

Hi everyone,

Sorry I missed a lovely walk on Saturday but I did enjoy my weekend in New York with Jexy, Libby and David - plenty of walking and good eating! Not much reading going on this week. I finished Writing Down the Bones before I left and now I'm reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, another book on writing. I have started doing writing practice - trying to write at least 10 minutes each day - it really is a wonderful process to sort out all the random thoughts floating around in my head.

Amazon.comThink you've got a book inside of you? Anne Lamott isn't afraid to help you let it out. She'll help you find your passion and your voice, beginning from the first really crummy draft to the peculiar letdown of publication. Readers will be reminded of the energizing books of writer Natalie Goldberg and will be seduced by Lamott's witty take on the reality of a writer's life, which has little to do with literary parties and a lot to do with jealousy, writer's block and going for broke with each paragraph. Marvelously wise and best of all, great reading.

Here's a brief report on my weekend in New York:

Friday night - dinner at The Blue Ribbon Bakery - it is a local restaurant just up the street from Libby's apartment in the West Village - -
I had a terrific burger and we all shared a luscious chocolate chip bread pudding for dessert. David introduced me to black coffee with a bit of Sambuca (licorice flavor) - really takes the coffee up a few notches! I loved it and the next night I had it with a double expresso.

Saturday - Lib, Jex and I walked down to Ground Zero - it is a profoundly moving experience to be there - there was a photographic exhibit that was pretty remarkable. David met us there on his motorcycle and took Jex for a ride. We all met for lunch at Cafe Esquina in Nolita (north of Little Italy) - I had great tortilla soup! After lunch, the girls and I poked around the lower East Side. We made a stop at the Tenement Museum gift shop - that museum is a wonderful out of the way spot to check out if you're ever in NY.
On the way to dinner that evening, we had drinks at David's apartment in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn - actually we had the drinks in a beautiful park just across the street from his place. Libby is going to be living there for the next several months as she awaits the completion of her new home in Manhattan. We had an outstanding dinner at an Italian restaurant (I think it was in Williamsburg - now a hot, trendy section of Brooklyn - wasn't always that way - my mother would have been shocked!) called Aurora - check out the menu - - I had the Raviolini con Crema di Asparagi e Tartufi.
Sunday - Bialys and lox from Kossar's Bialys - - on the Lower East Side - if you've never had one, you must give them a try - I think that Mickey C's makes them here in Boulder - they're just a little bit more interesting than a bagel. This breakfast really feels like home to me! Every Sunday morning when I was growing up on Long Island, I would go with my father to the Meadowbrook Delicatessan in Merrick, New York to pick up our ritual breakfast of bagels, bialys, lox, cream cheese and seven layer cake - my special treat was when I got the "wing" of the salmon to chew on - I called it "fighter lox" - I think they now use that part to go into lox spreads. Of course, the New York Times and the Sunday N Y Daily News was part of the ritual, as well.
After breakfast, we went all the way uptown to the Cloisters Museum - none of us had ever been there before. It houses the Medieval collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and especially features beautiful tapestries and architectural features of Cloisters found in Europe in the Middle Ages. The setting is just beautiful overlooking the Hudson River and the Palisades of New Jersey.
From there, back to Brooklyn for a street festival called Atlantic Antic - great food, music and fun people-watching! Jex and I shared paella and grilled sardines - so yummy! We ended the afternoon at a very trendy cookie shop in the Cobble Hill section called One Girl Cookies - .
Ended the day late that evening back in Libby's neighborhood (for the moment) with pizza from John's - can't have a trip to New York without pizza!

Have a great week!


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