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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday Morning Walkers - October 7, 2007

Hi everyone!

We're back from the Literary Sojourn in Steamboat Springs. Barb was there with members of her book group and I was there with my book group. The event was fantastic - each of the participating writers was outstanding. We were disappointed that Chris wasn't able to come at the last minute but she and Randy really needed to have the weekend to prepare for his upcoming shoulder surgery on Tuesday. Lots of love to both of you and strong healing wishes to Randy. Susan d', Rita, Judy, Janet, and I want to thank Kelly so much for being such a gracious and generous hostess at her family's home just outside of Steamboat. Of course, we also missed our pals Cynthia and Terrie who weren't able to join us.

Book Report:

If you'd like to check out the authors and books we heard about this weekend go to
In addition to these, I'd like to share some of these writers' book recommendations:

Larry Doyle's I Love You, Beth Cooper

Cry the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright

The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond

The Summer Guest by Justin Cronin

Half a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda-Ngozi-Adichie

Power by Linda Hogan

Jack's mom, Mae recently read Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer - here are some of her comments: "I was completely wrapped up in the story about a young man, Chris Macandless, 24 yrs. old from a wealthy family; He he had ideas of climbing, especially to reach MT. Mc KINLEY in ALASKA. He was not a person to take any kind of orders or suggestions from either parent; there were problems. He had a very good relationship with his sister. Not being prepared, he took off on his own with not enough equipment or food, only a 25 lb. bag of rice. You get caught up into his story; a determined (Boy) (MAN) who had a dream; very well educated, a graduate of Yale, good grades, well liked, well spoken and friendly. His journal was profound, he wrote everyday. You may think that this is a man's book; but being a mother, you can relate. The movie is scheduled to open this October."

Website of the Week: - 10 Reasons to Support Public Libraries

Podcast of the Week: - Michael Feldman's Whadya Know radio show from Public Radio International

Vocabulary Word of the Week: lexicographerLexicographer
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A lexicographer is a person devoted to the study of lexicography, especially an author of a dictionary.

Samuel Johnson, himself a lexicographer, defined a lexicographer as "a writer of dictionaries; a harmless drudge that busies himself in tracing the original, and detailing the signification of words". However Jonathon Green, in Chasing the Sun: Dictionary-Makers and the Dictionaries They Made (1996) suggests that this was a piece of eighteenth century politeness, and that a clearer indication of Johnson's view is given a little later in the same text where he says "Though a linguist should pride himself to have all the tongues that Babel cleft the world into, yet if he had not . . . studied the lexicons, yet he were nothing so much to be esteemed a learned man as any yeoman competently wise in his mother dialect only".

Words of Wisdom from Luis Alberto Urrea - "Libraries and librarians take you to places you cannot physically get to."

Cooking and Dining Report:

A few tidbits from our weekend:

Judy's Whopper Cookies from Foster's Market in North Carolina (we've posted this before but this definitely deserves another mention - the best cookie ever!

Susan d' Autremont's Scrambled Eggs prepared by Janet - very simple but yummy - scramble eggs, when ready top with fresh basil and grated Asiago cheese. You could use any fresh herbs you have on hand.

Dinner on Saturday night was at Cafe Diva in Steamboat Springs - a lovely, intimate space and outstanding food. We all shared an amazing spring roll appetizer. Kelly, Judy and Susan enjoyed the Crab and Tomato Bisque and the Autumn Salad. Rita had the sea bass and Janet and I both had the Bouillabaise - very rich and delicious!

For any of you driving up from Boulder/Denver to Steamboat, a great place to stop for lunch and a break is the Sunshine Cafe in Silverthorne - 250 Summit Place Shopping Center 970-468-6663. It is just about halfway between Boulder and Steamboat.

That's it for this week - don't forget to check out past posts on my blogsite - a growing collection of book recommendations, recipes, restaurant reviews and so much more. I also welcome any contributions you might have to offer.

Have a wonderful week ahead!



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