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Monday, May 26, 2008

Saturday Morning Walkers - April 13, 2008

Hi everyone from here in hot and sunny Los Angeles!

I arrived yesterday - thanks to Jan for taking me to the airport! I'm happy to report that my trip was uneventful - fortunately United was flying working airplanes that actually left and arrived on time - what a concept!

Jexy and I have had a full day starting with a workout at the weight room at the Rose Bowl pool, then we went over to the amazingly huge Rose Bowl Flea Market - neither Jex or I are the most avid shoppers so we both lost our enthusiasm pretty quickly.

I went with Jexy to her book group at the Little Flower Candy Shop. I've written about this shop before - it is owned by a friend of Jexy's from Jacob's Garden School (his former preschool) - Christine is a very talented cook and candy maker. In addition to her famous marshmallows and other sweet treats, she is now serving wonderful lunch fare.
It was fun for me to be with all of Jexy's friends - their selection for this month was Daniel Tammet's memoir, Born on a Blue Day. I read this several months ago and mentioned it on the blog earlier. Tammet was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome as well as being an autistic savant. His story provides a unique perspective on his experience as a child dealing with this condition. Here's the link to the review on Amazon -

Book Report: I'm ready to start our book group's selection for May - Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson. Here's the link to Jexy's book group blog - You can see what they have already read and will be reading over the next several months.

I am also continuing to read, chapter by chapter, Eckhard Tolle's A New Earth and listen to the web seminar hosted by Tolle and Oprah. It is really quite powerful and I highly recommend the book. It is also not too late to join in on the seminar - you can listen to it live on Monday evenings - just go to and you can download all of them and listen at your leisure on your computer.

Website of the Week: Women on the Web -

Podcast of the Week: I'd like to recommend a specific podcast from Public Radio International's To the Best of our Knowledge - it is called A Good Death and deals with life's final chapter in three very moving segments.

Vocabulary Word of the Week: Prosody - this word was used in the "Leonardo's Brain" lecture given by Leonard Shlain, MD at the CU Conference on World Affairs

\ˈprä-sə-dē, -zə-\
Inflected Form(s):
plural pros·o·dies
Middle English, from Latin prosodia accent of a syllable, from Greek prosōidia song sung to instrumental music, accent, from pros in addition to + ōidē song — more at pros-, ode
15th century
1: the study of versification; especially : the systematic study of metrical structure2: a particular system, theory, or style of versification3: the rhythmic and intonational aspect of language
— pros·o·dist \-dist\ noun

Cooking and Dining Report:
Two great recipes to share this week:

Spaghetti alla Carbonara from Fine Cooking - - I particularly liked that this recipe has no butter or cream with no sacrifice in texture or taste.

Sear-Roasted Haddock or Cod with Horseradish Aioli and Lemon-Zest Breadcrumbs from Fine Cooking - it was quite delicious with cod - I would use a lot less of the parsley "salad" as the topping. -

I'm here in LA for the rest of the week, returning next Sunday - I may not get next week's post out on time next week but it will have a full report of all our "adventures" here in LA. Right now, we are getting ready for Jacob's 6th birthday celebration - his request for a birthday dinner is meatballs and spaghetti.

Just a reminder! You can always check out past blog posts you may have missed at

Have a great week!


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