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Friday, March 16, 2007

Saturday Morning Walkers - March 10, 2007

Hi everyone!

Before I begin, I'd like to introduce my newest granddog, Violet. She's just a puppy but is on her way to growing into a very substantial dog! Very cute and much loved!

We had a delightful morning this past Saturday. Christie, Barb, Andrea, Laila and I walked around Wonderland Lake and worked up quite an appetitie, so we treated ourselves to breakfast at Lucky's. They have a terrific menu and it is just a great neighborhood place in North Boulder.

Not much pleasure reading going on this week (other than books that have already been reviewed and books on breastfeeding and doulas) but I would like to report on a couple of children's books that I sent to my nephew this week - they are favorites of Jacob.
Both of these are by Lore Segal:

Morris the Artist - about a little boy shopping for and bringing a gift to a friend's birthday party.

From School Library Journal
Kindergarten-Grade 4-Morris can only see what he wants for himself when his mother takes him shopping for a present for a friend, so he selects a set of paints and heads off to Benjamin's party. After the other children give the birthday boy his gifts, Morris finds that he cannot, after all, part with the paints. But the package gets larger and larger as Morris holds it, preventing him from taking part in the festivities. Finally, when the box is about to crush him, and the other children are playing with Benjamin's new toys, Morris opens the gift and begins to paint a large self-portrait. Suddenly all the children want to participate, and they do, creating large and lovely pictures of the toys they have brought, and then painting one another. This simple and realistic tale is made fantastical by Kulikov's bizarrely sophisticated paintings. These otherwise normal children dress like old-fashioned grown-ups; have huge, mature heads; and tiny limbs-they look like puppets. Birds with human heads flit about, paint appears and disappears, and objects grow and shrink in this mad and delightful world of creative play. Youngsters will enjoy the story, take the odd perspectives in stride, and maybe even learn a thing or two about friendship and generosity. Huge fun.

Tell Me A Mitzi - 3 stories about children living in the city

From Publishers Weekly
PW stated that "Segal's antic words and Pincus's color pictures make a hilarious picnic," an opinion shared by other reviewers. A Mitzi is one of the three mad stories about the children in a city family, usually Mitzi. Unbeknownst to her parents, she takes her baby brother one night and orders a cab driver to drive them to her grandparents, whose address she doesn't know. The outcome of this exploit, and the two following, are anything but predictable.

Cooking and Dining Report:

Two winner recipes this week - one is an old family favorite - Camden Yard Crabcakes - and the other is a more recent favorite - BracioleBoth are from the Food Network:,1977,FOOD_9936_11929,00.html - Camden Yard Crabcakes - authentic Maryland crabcake recipe,,FOOD_9936_25307,00.html?rsrc=search - Braciole - a stuffed and rolled flank steak

Some far-flung restaurant mentions courtesy of Jack and Libby - Jack's are from his recent trip to Atlanta and Libby's is from NYC.

From Atlanta (in case you're ever in the neighborhood!) - Ray's in the City - - Jack particularly raved about the Corvina (a fish I'm not familiar with but apparently similar to grouper) with a horseradish crust - I've requested the recipe and will share it if I get it.

Also, The Buckhead Diner - Jack has been there several times and his favorite is the Veal Meatloaf and for dessert, Creme Brulee with Chocolate Chunks. Here's the recipe for the Veal Meatloaf - needless to say the quantities would have to be adjusted - I would halve everything and assume it would serve 6


5# Ground Veal

2# Button Mushroom

1# Shiitake Mushroom

2tbsp Olive Oil

2tbsp Garlic (minced)

2tbsp Shallot ( minced)


6ea Eggs

¾ c Heavy Cream

1tbsp Dijon Mustard

2tbsp Chives (chopped)

1tsp Thyme (chopped)

¼ c Parsley(chopped)

1oz Worcestershire

½ c Bread Crumbs

4tbsp Course salt

1tbsp Black Pepper


1. Sauté mushrooms w/ olive oil, garlic & shallots cook until mushrooms are cooked throughout , then drain & cool.

2. Place ground veal into mixing bowl & mix for 5 minutes

3. Mix eggs, cream and mustard together

4. Add chilled mushrooms & egg mixture until incorporated.

5. Add herbs, bread crumbs salt & pepper, mix thoroughly

6. Take mixture & mold out into a large log shape on a sheet pan

7. Spray non- stick spray over the outside to prevent foil from sticking, mold foil around the loaf & place into a 350-degree pre heated oven for 45minutes

8. Remove the foil & cook for another 15 minutes

9. Pull the loaf out of the oven and let cool for 10 minutes before cutting.

10.Cut meatloaf into wedges and serve with celery root mashed potatoes, tomato –arugala salad and gravy

From NYC - Libby and David had a wonderful dinner at Piano Due right in mid-town Manhattan - - Libby loved the Tuscan Bean Soup and we're hoping to get that recipe to share with all of you.

Local restaurant recommendations -

Andrea recommended Akiyama in Gunbarrel - here's a review from the Camera -,1713,BDC_11136_4742900,00.html .

Barb and others recommended the Taj in the Basemar Shopping Center at Baseline and Broadway - here's a review from Boulder Weekly -

Random tip

Low cost printing for business cards - and - both sites offer ridiculously low prices especially if you use one of their extensive selection of stock logos/designs. I just order business cards for my postpartum doula business and paid about $14.00 (including shipping) for 250 cards.

Have a great week - enjoy the weather!



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