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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday Morning Walkers - April 14, 2007

Hi everyone!

So happy that the "blizzard" that was predicted never actually happened. We had a lovely Saturday morning - Jan, Barb, Andrea, Mary, Laila and I met for coffee and bagels at Moe's. I sent everyone off on a walk through the Whittier neighborhood to Hawthorn and over to the Community Gardens and back on 13th to Community Plaza. I had to leave early to take Jack to the airport.

We had lots to talk about - here goes...............

Book Report:

Andrea is reading an interesting collection of essays called E = Einstein by Donald and Bartusiak Goldsmith

Abbey Bookshop Description
In the history of physics, there has been no greater visionary than Albert Einstein. Through his revolutionary Theory of Relativity, he fundamentally changed the way we look at the universe. But there is more to Einstein than just E=mc2 - and this anthology of 30 fascinating essays, presented by three renowned scientist/editors, captures his various facets. Complete with more than 125 colour illustrations and explanatory sidebars that make the information accessible to the layperson, these revelatory articles explore his life, theories and legacy.

Barb is reading the very funny book about aging, I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron.

From Publishers Weekly[Signature]Reviewed by Toni BentleyThe honest truth is that it's sad to be over sixty," concludes Nora Ephron in her sparkling new book about aging. With 15 essays in 160 pages, this collection is short, a thoughtful concession to pre- and post-menopausal women (who else is there?), like herself, who "can't read a word on the pill bottle," follow a thought to a conclusion, or remember the thought after not being able to read the pill bottle. Ephron drives the truth home like a nail in your soon-to-be-bought coffin: "Plus, you can't wear a bikini." But just as despair sets in, she admits to using "quite a lot of bath oil... I'm as smooth as silk." Yes, she is. This is aging lite—but that might be the answer. Besides, there's always Philip Roth for aging heavy.Ephron, in fact, offers a brief anecdote about Roth, in a chapter on cooking, concerning her friend Jane, who had a one-night stand, long ago, with the then "up-and-coming" writer. He gave Jane a copy of his latest book. "Take one on your way out," he said. Conveniently, there was a box of them by the front door. Ephron refuses to analyze—one of her most refreshing qualities—and quickly moves on to Jane's céleri remoulade.Aging, according to Ephron, is one big descent—and who would argue? (Well, okay—but they'd lose the argument if they all got naked.) There it is, the steady spiraling down of everything: body and mind, breasts and balls, dragging one's self-respect behind them. Ephron's witty riffs on these distractions are a delightful antidote to the prevailing belief that everything can be held up with surgical scaffolding and the drugs of denial. Nothing, in the end, prevents the descent. While signs of mortality proliferate, Ephron offers a rebuttal of consequence: an intelligent, alert, entertaining perspective that does not take itself too seriously. (If you can't laugh, after all, you are already, technically speaking, dead.) She does, however, concede that hair maintenance—styling, dyeing, highlighting, blow-drying—is a serious matter, not to mention the expense. "Once I picked up a copy of Vogue while having my hair done, and it cost me twenty thousand dollars. But you should see my teeth." Digging deeper, she discovers that your filthy, bulging purse containing numerous things you don't need—and couldn't find if you did—is, "in some absolutely horrible way, you." Ephron doesn't shy away from the truth about sex either, and confesses, though with an appropriate amount of shame, that despite having been a White House intern in 1961, she did not have an affair with JFK. May Ephron, and her purse, endure so she can continue to tell us how it goes. Or, at least, where it went. Toni Bentley is the author, most recently, of Sisters of Salome and The Surrender, an Erotic Memoir. She is writing about Emma, Lady Hamilton, for the Eminent Lives series.

Website of the Week - recommended by Rae - www.conversationcafe - These Conversation Cafés are about free speech. Not as something that can be taken away in an era of repression, but as something one strengthens through self expression in the presence of those who do not agree. Free speech is our birthright. Repressive societies can change the consequences of speaking, but they do not govern our souls.
"I envision a culture of conversation — a culture where people talk freely — without fear or taboos — with friends and strangers alike. I once asked a Dane how Denmark had resisted the pressures of globalization. He said two words: study circles. Most Danes throughout their adult lives have the habit of conversation about things that matter in small groups.
"We can do that here. In cafés. In Britain in the 1700s the government shut down the cafés where people met to discuss politics because they were sites of revolutionary thinking. Here, we get our news from the TV, retreat into private sub-cultures through online chats and interact only with people who see the world as we do. This is a formula for weakening society enough to allow forces of repression to take over. Conversation Cafés are an attempt to reverse the trend."

Podcast of the Week - recommended by Chris - - a network of shows with the latest info and news about technology

Cooking and Food - lots of yummy recipes to share:

Mandy made Giada de Laurentiis Ricotta Pancakes for a brunch this weekend - she served them with wild blueberries and accompanied them with proscuitto-wrapped cantalope slices - topped everything off with Mango Bellinis -,1977,FOOD_9936_31908,00.html

Libby had a major cookfest today during the "Nor'Easter" in New York today:

From Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, Chicken Chili -,,FOOD_9936_27660,00.html?rsrc=search

From Giada de Laurentiis, Foccacia Panino -,,FOOD_9936_33447,00.html?rsrc=search

From Lisa Yockelman's Chocolate by Chocolate (featured in Food & Wine's Best of the Best Cookbook) - Giant Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake Muffins - these are outstanding - unfortunately, I can't find the recipe on-line and its a very long recipe. I will put it in a word document and will send it as an attachment to anyone who would like to have this one.

Susan had two winners this week:
We had a Soprano's opening night Italian dinner last Sunday - Bobby Flay's Chicken Parmigiana - molto bene! -,,FOOD_9936_33031,00.html?rsrc=search

Another was Giada de Laurentiis' Pork Chops alla Pizzaiola - the sauce was terrific and I would use it with steak or even chicken -,,FOOD_9936_32171,00.html?rsrc=search

A few random notes and hints:

Jan saw Susan Love, breast cancer expert, at the World Affairs Conference - she was so impressed her and the work she is doing - check out her website -

Mary shared the names of a couple of contractors that she highly recommends:
V & A Doors - installation and repair of garage door openers - family business - 303- 429-2770
Foothills Appliance - 303-665-3333

Barb has a handy hint - Distilled white vinegar is a great organic weed killer - works well for those weeds peeking through stone walks and patios -

That's it until next week - we'll be in LA next weekend to celebrate Jacob's 5th birthday.
Have a great week.....

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