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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday Morning Walkers - April 23, 2007

Hi all,

It is Sunday afternoon here in Los Angeles. I'm sorry to say that we didn't get to have Jacob's birthday bash yesterday since he had an ear infection. The good news is that we all got to spend some nice quiet time together. All the Wadle "kids" were together and that was terrific!

Book Report:

Linn sent us a list of books she has read recently - check them out! FYI - Linn had been working at a book store in Estes Park - Guess where her paycheck went? Great news to share - Linn is starting work at Whole Foods this week!

The first two books haven't been released yet - we'll have to watch for these - also, this list is lengthy so I'm just providing links to the reviews on Amazon:

Merle's Door
Lessons from a Free Thinking Dog

by Ted Kerasote -

The Last Chinese Chef
by Nicole Mones -

A Pig in Provence
by Georgeanne Brennan

The God of Animals
by Aryn Kyle

Nineteen Minutes
by Jodi Picoult
- - (Libby just read this one and recommends it - particularly timely, having just gone through another school shooting)

Catching Genius
by Kristy Keirnan

The Conjurer's Bird
by Martin Davies

Website of the Week - Ariana Huffington's blog - - I just heard an interview with Ariana Huffington and was quite impressed with her. I'm also anxious to read her book that is now out in paperback - On Becoming Fearless -

Podcast of the Week - The Ethicist - Randy Cohen, Times Magazine columnist, answers readers' questions on ethical issues each week. Schedule: Fridays

Cooking and Food
No cooking going on at our house this past week but I do have two LA restaurant reviews:

Lunch at The Oinkster in Eagle Rock, CA - - slow, fast food - featuring pastrami and pulled pork sandwiches - we sampled the pulled pork, great chicken salad and great fries with aoili mayo.

Dinner at Pace in Laurel Canyon (very near the Hollywood Bowl) - Jack was eager to take all of us here for a celebration dinner in honor of Libby and David's engagement - I mentioned this place a few weeks ago but definitely worth a second mention. -

That's it for now! Missed our Saturday morning walk but will be there next week!


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